1/16/12 — Single and Lovin’ It

15 Jan

Here’s what’s coming the week of January 16th:

  • Clay Walker – “Like We Never Said Goodbye”

This Corey Batten and Tiffany Goss penned tune is reminiscent of Dan Fogelberg’s “Same Old Lang Syne” in lyrical content. However, unlike the pop classic, the ending of “Like We Never Said Goodbye” is a mystery, which should make for a pretty fun video! It also has the added bonus of Clay Walker’s soaring vocals. Sweet, sweet, sweet.

  • Dustin Lynch – “Cowboys and Angels”

There’s a smoky richness to Dustin Lynch’s voice and if I close my eyes, I hear traces of Chris LeDoux in “Cowboys and Angels.” I think it’s a ballsy move to release a ballad as the first song on a new artist, especially at this time of year, but this doesn’t sound like a debut. Dustin’s voice has a determined confidence. I’ve heard enough about how handsome he is – the boy can sing!

  • Jana Kramer – “Why Ya Wanna”

Big, waltzy and C-O-U-N-T-R-Y!  There’s an interesting break in Jana’s voice that gives it a classic country feeling, almost like Tammy Wynette. I’m anxious to hear more from this young lady.

  •  Rascal Flatts – “Banjo”

I was blown away by Rascal Flatts when I saw their concert last year. I can see I’m going to have to check them out again this year because their newest single, “Banjo,” is going to be a BLAST in the live show. It’s edgy, rockin’, WAY fun and while I don’t think of the banjo as a prominent instrument in a Rascal Flatts set, it has certainly earned its spot there now.

  • Ronnie Dunn – “Let the Cowboy Rock”

Oh come on, I dare ya. Try to be still while this one is playing. If your foot isn’t tapping by the 30-second mark, then you need to crank it up. A great, groovy, shuffle with a fun lyric and a KILLER guitar track! If this is what Ronnie and Dallas Davidson are capable of when they’re locked in a writing room, then somebody throw away the key.

BONUS TRACK: Ryan Beaver – “Hate”

What? You’ve not heard of Ryan? The Lone Star state sure has and they’re sending this song, from his Constant album, right up theTexas charts (currently in the Top 10). A secret source tipped me off about this rising star, and since then he’s been in regular rotation on my playlist. “Hate” is strong in the driving, almost pounding arrangement, as well as the powerful lyric – “Lying, cheating girl, the wheels in constant motion. Karma is an ocean that’ll swallow you whole. May God save your soul.” It will simultaneously have you wanting to hit the dance floor while you cling to every word. But then again, that’s how they do it in Texas. We’ll be hearing more from Ryan Beaver.

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