1/23/12 — Single And Lovin’ It

There are a few new singles out at radio this week — be sure to listen for them!

  • Jason Cassidy – “What If”

I had the amazing good fortune to hear Jason Cassidy perform “What If” live with just a guitar and his fiddle player. I’ll admit, I’m predisposed to love any song that brings fiddle, banjo, mandolin or steel to the forefront…and Boom! The lyric and the intense sincerity in Jason’s voice drive “What If” to be an anthem of forgiveness, and the soaring fiddle brings it home. I can’t stop listening to it.

  • Eli Young Band – “Even If It Breaks Your Heart”

One of my favorite things about Eli Young Band is lead singer Mike Eli’s unique and identifiable voice, so the fact that their newest single opens with just his vocal and a guitar blows me away. Combine that pleading tenor with an incredibly impassioned lyric from Will Hoge and Eric Paslay begging the listener to “keep on dreaming even if it breaks your heart” – if this tune doesn’t drive you to lead a life of no regret, it should certainly make you look at those who chase their dreams in a different light. This WILL be EYB’s next number-one.

  • Marlee Scott – “Train Wreck”

Country in its arrangement with a jangly banjo track, “Train Wreck” also name checks Madonna and Pink, utilizes a milli-second of synthetic pop vocals and kicks a rappy recitation and drops the urban phrase “baby daddy.” After a few listens though, I was definitely smiling. 

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